5 Days of FREE Live Training
Discover whats blocking you
Learn how you can harness the power of the Aligning your beliefs and values to create a life you love. Harmonize your home, health and business so you can achieve your outcomes and dreams faster... and with much less confusion... grinding... and pushing... urgh!

Are you ready to align your mind (and heart) WITH the Universe?
Are you tired of watching others achieve the dreams you know your capable of?
Do you know that there are much greater things ahead for you?
Do you need day to day practical ways to harness the power of creation to explode your business and life?
Perfect, let's harness this power, together!
MONDAY 20th - 25th AUGUST
30 Minute LIVE Webinar each day
9:00AM AWST |  12:00PM AEDT
8:00PM CT
I'll send you the replays!
5 Days of LIVE training
  •  Discover your values and how to use them to manifest!
  •  Why belief systems hold the key and how to identify them
  •  What is really driving self sabotage
  •  3 fantasies that are blocking you from acheieving your goals and dreams
  •  Imposter syndrome and the mindset to overcome this
  •  Clearing the past as a door to create the future
  •  Harness the power of intention
  •  Align your mindset and become a manifesting magnet

  • Get to the core of whats holding you back in this bonus one on one session
  •  Transform a limiting belief & focus on your strategy
  •  Hit the ground running and get ready for some shifts in mindset and results
Can't make it live? No worries, I'll send you the replays!
Meet Donna, your host!
I am not remarkable, I am simply someone who has devoted a huge amount of time to understanding how the mind works and what to do to help people break through their challenges.

I have spent my life fascinated about the power of the mind, devouring anything I could get my hands on from the age of 14. My years of learning have allowed me to bring together a unique blend of the world’s most magnificent transformational methods to get to the core of what’s really happening below the surface within people's lives. My true gift is being able to pinpoint exactly whats keeping people stuck, then knowing exactly how to help them transform this. Naturally when you are inspired, you want to share your knowledge with others. My mission is to help people learn the skills to become the unlimited beings they were meant to be, breaking free from the chains of the self imposed prisons of the mind.   

My experience has gifted me the opportunity to learn from world leaders in this field as well as help 1000’s transform past traumas and anxieties into the most magnificent lives. I am also blessed to have a gorgeous 2 year old boy and an amazing husband to share this life with.
However my real superpower is manifesting, specifically showing others the way to create a life way beyond where they’re stuck at right now.

My  driving force is knowing with certainty that I can help people clear the past, release the stress and get cracking on creating a life they love.
I can’t think of anything more meaningful to do with my life.  
From this place I offer this 5 Day Challenge, an online adventure. 
Will you come on this journey with me?

Donna xx

If you can't make it live, no worries, I'll send you the replays xx
What others have to say about this program:
I loved working with Donna, her passion and determination to make a difference to fine tune and clear the blockages of what is holding me back, her awareness, understanding, techniques, and knowledge was awesome.

I have had big shifts in my life clearing my anxieties and overwhelm whilst working with Donna and that has a lot to do with Donnas support and transformational work she did with me. Working with Donna I find myself stronger within myself and clearer for my life ahead. 

I would highly recommend working with Donna because of the understanding that she has and what she has learned and the way in which she works. I have for approximately 15 years been learning about self-growth transformation and empowerment and Donna’s work is one of the best I've seen.

Thanks Donna for doing such great work and helping me, I really appreciate it and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

Nat Nairn, Perth

Donna is a down to earth, genuine person and explains things in such a way that it's easy to understand and therefore apply this in a practical way. I found it was easy to implement the processes, and I’m now setting tasks and completing them, which has been key in getting results for me.

Since working with Donna my business revenue has increased, as well as my blood pressure going back to normal and I’ve been able to stop taking medication. However, the main benefit has been the increase in self-worth, getting clear on what I want and my vision for the future, then knowing how to ask for this with confidence.

 As a result, my communication on all levels has improved immensely and my relationship with my husband has dramatically improved. I would definitely recommend working with Donna, especially to unlock the endless possibilities.
Natascha Harrington, Perth

Donna THANK YOU for this program. It's been of massive value even on the replays.

Values have been so vague for me and no one could ever explain them to me so that I could understand - and I've done a lot of personal development!

With the 5 day challenge, you were able to make it really clear to me on what they and how to be in alignment with them in my everyday life. 

I'd always wondered why I didn't reach certain goals and that became so clear after I'd worked on my values. I had also done a lot of work on beliefs before and this is sort of 'next level' to that. 

Thank you so much, I feel so much more at ease from day to day.
Jessica Gwynne , Gold Coast

I was as introduced to Donna by a friend of mine. She told me Donna had a 5 day challenge happening which she thought would help me in my new business. I had no idea really what I was signing up for .. but thank goodness I did!!

Donna is totally dedicated to her work, she’s loves what she does. I loved her enthusiasm and no bullshit approach to how she is able to shift beliefs and really get to the core of what may be preventing you from living a more purposeful life.I think the most pivotal piece of advice I can share is to be brutally honest with yourself and put your trust in Donna’s ability to help.

I have experienced some major shifts and am so grateful for having met Donna. I certainly feel that I am far better equipped to deal with situations in a more positive light. I feel so much better about myself - firstly for taking on the challenge but also opening up and learning how to accept no matter what happened in the past that I’m ok!! And therefore giving a better side of myself to my husband, children/family and friends.

It goes without saying that I would recommend Donna to any person looking for more clarity for those who want to be relieved of emotional baggage which is holding you back. It’s been a great journey which I will no doubt continue... thank you Donna Preedy:)

Emma Wells, Perth

Thank you Donna.

Your 5 Day Challenge to Align, Design and Accelerat was very powerful since I came to an important realisation which has been blocking me for a long time without even knowing it. With Donna's 'straight to the point' questions/method, we were able to undo that knot so I can now move forward toward the right direction for me...🚧work in progress🚧

Very positive experience and highly recommend Donna if you are searching for some clarity in your life☀️😊

Marie Corrignan , Perth

I had the most amazing shift with Donna during our call this afternoon. We worked out my belief and changed it. I felt so calm and the unrest in my stomach stopped. It was so funny I was thinking of my old belief a number of hours later and couldn't remember it, only remembered my new belief. Thank you so much Donna .

Tash , Perth